TV TIP OVERS: Keeping Everything in Place

To kids, your furniture is like a mountain range waiting to be scaled. Often kids climb to get closer to something they can't reach, like a toy or a cookie jar. But dressers, TVs, and even appliances can tip over and hurt a little climber. That's why it's important to make sure all your furniture is secure. Here's what you can do to make sure everything stays put.




  • It's best to mount your flat-screen TV to the wall for stability and security.
  • If you can’t mount your TV to the wall, make sure to use brackets and straps to keep it in place on a stand that’s secured to the wall.
  • Use a stand designed for the size and weight of your TV. Shelves, nightstands and dressers are not made to support TVs, especially when drawers are opened.
  • Keep your TV as far back on the stand as possible so your kids can’t reach it.
  • If you have a CRT-model TV (the kind that looks like a giant box), make sure it's secure too. Just because they're heavier doesn't mean they can't tip over. 


  • Attach all furniture (desks, cabinets, grandfather clocks, you name it) to the wall using brackets, braces, or wall straps.
  • Install stops on drawers so your kids can't pull them all the way out when they're looking through their stuff.
  • To make furniture even more stable, keep heavier items on the lower shelves or drawers.
  • Don't keep fun toys, books or remotes in places where kids need to climb up to reach them.


  • Tuck TV cords away so kids can't pull on them.
  • To avoid trips and falls, keep electrical cords out of the way and wrap long cords around cord shorteners.
  • Use Socket Covers to prevent little fingers playing with electrical sockets. 


  • Install anti-tip floor brackets and straps (included with new appliances) to your stove and dishwasher.
  • Move cookie jars and snacks away from these appliances so kids aren't tempted to climb up to reach them.
  • Don't hang dishtowels from the front of the stove–kids might yank them and pull down the door.



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