Babydan Onbox 3D Step-by-step instructions

Onbox is a fantastic new app from BabyDan that sent visual 3D step-by-step instructions of the product you ordered directly to your phone. See below for more details
10th Oct 2019 John

We don't think the hoover could be a danger to our kids, right?

Wrong!  Every parent knows toddlers can move fast, now one mum is warning about the dangers of allowing small children anywhere near vacuum cleaners. Jade Bishop's 16-month-old boy suffered horrific burns when he put his thumb in the family vacuum cleaner. Theo received fourth degree burns when he stuck his thumb in the bottom of her Dyson vacuum cleaner, while her back was turned. She posted the incident to her facebook account to warn of the danger. Her faceboo …
16th Mar 2017

5 Surprising Safety Hazards

Most of us feel as though our homes are safe havens from the dangers of the outside world, but all too often it’s in our houses that children suffer accidental injuries that can cause serious harm or even death. Dishwashers The Danger: Dishwashers give children easy access to sharp knives and forks. Detergent can irritate your child's skin and eyes and can burn the lining of her mouth and esophagus if swallowed. "It's extremely corrosive and dangerous," warns Parents advisor Ari Brown, MD …
7th Feb 2017

Ikea recalls 29 million dressers after 3 children are killed

Ikea have recalled 29 million chests of drawers in the US after the deaths of 3 toddlers were linked with tip overs of furniture from the Swedish company.  The lightweight furniture does not pass industry stability tests and Ikea have urged parents to remove the affected dressers from rooms accessible to children.  The action follows increased scrutiny of Ikea, including a series of Inquirer stories and criticism by safety advocates of the company's response …
29th Jun 2016 Lorraine

Google’s New Search Engine For Kids Means a Safer Future when browsing the Internet

The recently launched “Kiddle” promises to keep kids safe in their internet searchingIf you’ve ever checked the search history of your kid’s tablet and found entries such as “boobs,” boy, the today we have great news for you! Google recently launched a kid-friendly search engine that promises to all but eliminate the possibility of your child stumbling upon Miley Cyrus’ Twerking while you’re too busy cooking dinner to pay attention!Kiddle looks an awful lot like the Google search interface we’re …
1st Mar 2016
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