Common Household Hazards for Babies & Toddlers and How to Avoid Them

As a parent, you'll understand that anything in the household has a potential to become a hazard to your little one, and care should be taken at all times to keep all areas free of anything that may be a threat to you baby's safety. Here are the most common hazards in the home....Choking hazards (such as small toys or objects that can be swallowed). Keep all areas clear of beads, coins and other small objects a baby may put into their mouth. This includes any medication, which should be safely a …
2nd Feb 2023
The BabySafety Express Guide to Babyproofing your home!

The BabySafety Express Guide to Babyproofing your home!

Whilst we may simply adore to watch as our rambunctious toddlers express their interest and delight in their surroundings, you may know all too well the dangers of leaving hazards within the household exposed to your little one. The BabySafety Guide to BabyProofing Your Home is here to help! Read on for our top tips and tricks to ensure that your home will be hazard-free!Employ a Little One's PerspectiveIt's a simple yet effective approach to babyproofing. Try to see things from the mind of your …
30th Aug 2022 Shannon
The Express Stair Gate Guide!

The Express Stair Gate Guide!

New to the realm of stair gates and safety gates? Check out this handy express guide!Why Do I Need a Stair Gate?If your little one likes to explore the parameters of your home, they could venture into areas that should be out of bounds for tiny tots and rambunctious pets. By installing a safety gate, you can rest knowing that you have cornered off any areas that you don’t want your baby, toddler or pooch to have access to. It’s also practical for during the night. If your baby wakes and makes th …
22nd Jul 2022 Shannon

Babydan Onbox 3D Step-by-step instructions

Onbox is a fantastic new app from BabyDan that sent visual 3D step-by-step instructions of the product you ordered directly to your phone. See below for more details
10th Oct 2019 John

We don't think the hoover could be a danger to our kids, right?

Wrong!  Every parent knows toddlers can move fast, now one mum is warning about the dangers of allowing small children anywhere near vacuum cleaners. Jade Bishop's 16-month-old boy suffered horrific burns when he put his thumb in the family vacuum cleaner. Theo received fourth degree burns when he stuck his thumb in the bottom of her Dyson vacuum cleaner, while her back was turned. She posted the incident to her facebook account to warn of the danger. Her faceboo …
16th Mar 2017
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