The BabySafety Express Guide to Babyproofing your home!

The BabySafety Express Guide to Babyproofing your home!

Whilst we may simply adore to watch as our rambunctious toddlers express their interest and delight in their surroundings, you may know all too well the dangers of leaving hazards within the household exposed to your little one. The BabySafety Guide to BabyProofing Your Home is here to help! Read on for our top tips and tricks to ensure that your home will be hazard-free!

Employ a Little One's Perspective

It's a simple yet effective approach to babyproofing. Try to see things from the mind of your tiny tot, starting by getting down to their level. What stands out? What immediately strikes you as a potential hazard? Even if it's something you may feel is minor, all hazards should be considered and actioned. With this in mind, we recommend carrying this out in every room in your home in order to vet every nook and cranny accordingly. Let's take a look at some of the rooms you'll want to Babyproof...

Bedroom Safety: It's vital to ensure that the bedroom is babyproofed sufficiently, starting with beds. Whether your child is still in a cot or has transitioned to their own bed, a rail such as the BabyDan Wooden Bedrail - White is a total must-have! This rail attaches with ease to both cot and single beds, so you can rest knowing your child is safe at night. Another ideal buy is the BabyDan Furniture Straps - 2'S, perfect for attaching to items like chest of drawers to stop them from being pulled or pushed down as they secure to the wall. 

Living Room Safety: Another key room to identify hazards in, this area is particularly important if your home features an open or electric fire or stove. BabyDan Configure Flex XL Hearth Gate Black (90-278cm) is ideal for limiting access to the fireplace. It can also be used as a room divider or Christmas tree protector,  so it's great for multi-tasking! According to Hopkins Medicine, "burns and fires are the fifth most common cause of accidental death in children and adults". While this is a harrowing statistic, these statistics also note that 75% of burns in children are preventable, which is why it's vital to limit access to any hazard with the potential to scald. But burns aren't the only threat that fireplaces pose - sharp edges are also a cause for concern in fireplaces, and the Clevamama Fireplace Edge Guard will secure your child against impact from slips, trips and falls. For other furniture such as tables with sharp edges, the Clevamama Multi Purpose Edge Guard - 4 Mtr is a safe, secure option which easily moulds to your furniture to protect against injuries. And don't forget to cover your sockets with the BabyDan Socket Covers 6 Pack (Ireland & UK)!

Kitchen Safety: This room poses some of the most hazardous threats within the home. Dreambaby Safety Catches - 6 Pk are ideal for preventing access to cupboards and drawers, as are the Dreambaby Magnetic Lock 4 Locks 1 Key and BabyDan Multi Lock, which is also ideal for adding to fridges and freezers. Protect against injuries from sharp edges with the Clevamama Corner Cushions - 4 Pack, whilst the Clevamama Oven Door Lock prevents your child's access to hot oven doors which pose a major threat for burn injuries. Up your babyproofing game with a door stopper like the BabyDan Finger Safe - 2 Pack, which minimises the risk of slamming doors squeezing the fingers of tiny tots! 

Bathroom Safety: The bathroom is a hotspot for slips and trips, so it's important to put preventative measures in place to avoid any accidents. Dreambaby┬« Watch-Your-Step┬« Anti-Slip Bath Mat With "Too Hot" Indicator helps to prevent slipping in the bath and is complete with a heat sensitive star that'll change colour to inform you if your bath water is too hot. Stop your tot from lifting toilet seats with the Dreambaby Toilet Lock, which can also be used for household appliances, cupboards and and cabinets. And for a fun way to make bath time safe, check out the Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer Duck!

Hallway Safety: Never underestimate the hazardous potential of the hallway in your home, where stairs and doorways can pose a threat. This can be solved with one of our Safety Gates and Stair Gates. A Pressure Fit Gate is ideal if you're renting or want to move it from place it place, as it requires no installation.Screw Fit Gate will be a more permanent fixture as it requires installation into the wall. 

30th Aug 2022 Shannon

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