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    BabyDan Cabinet Door Lock BabyDan Cabinet Door Lock Babydan image 2


    BabyDan Cabinet Door Lock

    MSRP: €6.99
    Was: €6.99
    Now: €4.99
    Secure your home with the BabyDan Double Cabinet Door Lock, a multitasking door lock designed to work in either direction. Slotting securely around cabinets, cupboards and fridge door handles to...
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    Dreambaby Cupboard Latches Dreambaby Cupboard Latches live


    Dreambaby Safety Catches - 6 Pk

    MSRP: €3.99
    Was: €4.00
    Now: €2.99
    Protect your little one’s fingers from catching and pinching with the durable Dreambaby Safety Catches, a must-have addition to your child proofing home safety solutions providing protection from...
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    BabyDan TV Strap - 2 Pack BabyDan TV Strap - 2 Pack Babydan image 2


    BabyDan TV Strap - 2 Pack

    MSRP: €9.99
    Was: €9.99
    Now: €7.99
    Protect your child as you childproof your home with the BabyDan TV Strap. Designed to secure the TV to either the wall or furniture, they offer flexibility and are both adjustable and removable. Made...
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    BabyDan Furniture Straps - 2'S BabyDan Furniture Straps - 2'S Babydan image 2


    BabyDan Furniture Straps - 2'S

    MSRP: €9.99
    Was: €9.99
    Now: €7.99
    Furniture within the home can prove quite hazardous to young curious children, though, with BabyDan Furniture Straps, specifically designed to secure furniture to the wall, your little one’s safety...

Featured Products

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    Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter Sleepytot Big Bunny Baby Comforter cream


    Sleepytot Bunny Baby Comforter

    MSRP: €15.99
    Was: €15.99
    Now: €14.99
    Globe Winner - Best Baby Comforter - LPD Awards 2017 The Sleepytot Baby Comforter is so much more than just a soft cuddly new friend for your baby. Unique and versatile, Sleepytot will adapt with...
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    Vicks WarmMist Humidifier - VH845E1 Vicks WarmMist Humidifier - VH845E1 ABOUT


    Vicks WarmMist Humidifier - VH845E1

    MSRP: €69.99
    Was: €69.99
    Now: €59.99
      Breathe Better and sleep more comfortably with the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier. This Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier releases up to 95% bacteria free, visible, warm mist to help temporarily relieve...
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    Gro-Anywhere Blind Gro-Anywhere Blind The Gro Company image 2

    The Gro Company

    Gro-Anywhere Blind

    MSRP: €49.99
    Was: €49.99
    Now: €34.99
    The Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind has been specifically designed to block out strong and unfamiliar light ensuring the optimal sleeping environment for your child whenever you’re on the go! Highly...


  • Amanda

    Amazing! Baby Safety don't mess around when it comes to next day delivery. Ordered my item after 3pm and arrived the next day. Fantastic service

    Amanda, Dublin, Ireland

  • Rebecca

    Excellent company to deal with. Would recommend

    Rebecca, Cork, Ireland

  • Richard

    Great selection of stair gates and super-fast delivery

    Richard, Dublin, Ireland

New Products

  • Babymoov Jungle Anti UV Tepee SPF 50+ (9900) product Babymoov Jungle Anti UV Tepee SPF 50+ Live


    Babymoov Jungle Anti UV Teepee SPF 50+

    Whether it's on the beach or in the garden it's important to protect your children from excess UV on sunny days. Babies are particularly vulnerable, because before the age of one, babies do not...
  • On Sale
    Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest Lifestyle Baby Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

    Red Castle Cocoonababy

    Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest - Pink Miss Sunday

    MSRP: €169.99
    Was: €169.99
    Now: €129.99
    A real nest of cozyness and comfort, the Cocoonababy Nest reassures babies and helps them adapt smoothly to life after birth. Fully respecting the medical recommendation to sleep babies on...
  • Red Castle Cocoonababy Fitted Sheet White

    Red Castle Cocoonababy

    Red Castle Cocoonababy Fitted Sheet White

    Product Overview Red Castle Cocoonababy Fitted Sheet has been designed with your babies comfort in mind. They are super  easy to put on and can be fitted in seconds. Made from 100% cotton...
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