Common Household Hazards for Babies & Toddlers and How to Avoid Them

As a parent, you'll understand that anything in the household has a potential to become a hazard to your little one, and care should be taken at all times to keep all areas free of anything that may be a threat to you baby's safety. Here are the most common hazards in the home....

  1. Choking hazards (such as small toys or objects that can be swallowed). Keep all areas clear of beads, coins and other small objects a baby may put into their mouth. This includes any medication, which should be safely and securely stored out of a child's reach at all times. 
  2. Suffocation hazards (such as plastic bags or bedding that can cover the face). Avoid using cot bumpers. Place your baby on their back to sleep on a firm, flat surface such as a crib or bassinet with a tight-fitting sheet. Avoid using soft surfaces like adult beds, sofas, or cushions.
  3. Electrical hazards (such as exposed wires or outlets, frayed electrical cords). We recommend the BabyDan Socket Covers 6 Pack (Ireland & UK) to cover any sockets that your little one may stick their fingers or household objects in. 
  4. Chemical hazards (such as toxic cleaning products, household pesticides). Many people keep these below the sink in a cupboard, however, this is easily reachable for children. We recommend either keeping your household cleaning products elsewhere out of reach, or purchasing the BabyDan Cabinet Door Lock, multitasking door lock designed to work in either direction. Slotting securely around cabinets, cupboards and fridge door handles to prevent the doors from opening, the BabyDan Double Cabinet Door Lock secures medicines and cleaning products safely and out of the reach of your little one. With no screwing or gluing required, the lock maintains the integrity of your surfaces while keeping little hands from harm.
  5. Fire hazards (such as improperly stored flammable materials, malfunctioning electrical equipment)
  6. Sharp edges or corners on furniture. Cover sharp edges with the Clevamama Corner Cushions - 4 Pack to prevent any injuries. 
  7. Strangulation hazards (such as loose blind cords or dangling electrical wires). Getting tangled in blind cords can have fatal consequences. Ensure you mitigate the risks of blind cords with the Dreambaby Blind Cord Wraps 4 Pack
  8. Unsecured heavy furniture that can tip over with the BabyDan Furniture Straps - 2'S
  9. Drowning hazards (such as open or uncovered swimming pools, bathtubs or other bodies of water)
2nd Feb 2023

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