Safer Baby Cot Divider

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Safer Baby Cot Divider

All parents of newborn babies want to provide the safest sleeping environment possible. When furnishing the nursery, a good quality cot and firm, well fitting mattress is a must, and lightweight blankets and sheets will enable parents to adjust the temperature according to their own babies’ comfort and of course, the season.

The security strap, which fits underneath the mattress, ensures that blankets are held securely in place. As baby grows, the Saferbaby "Sleeper" is re-positioned further down the cot, allowing correct "Feet-to-Foot" positioning until baby can sit up unaided (approximately 7 months), although feedback from customers confirm that the Saferbaby "Sleeper" can be used for longer according to individual development.

The Saferbaby "Sleeper" has been extremely popular with parents of twins. Parents wanting their twins to share a bed but not face-to-face, have purchased the "Sleeper" to achieve just that, whilst maintaining the "feet-to-foot" position. This also allows the locating of the twins more easily in the parents room with the use of a single cot or preferably cot bed.

Benefits / Features

  • Promotes the 'feet-to-foot' sleeping position
  • Adjusts to fit cots, cot beds and all bar configurations
  • Makes blankets and top sheets safe
  • Helps to promote security and comfort for new born babies
  • Suitable from birth until approximately 7 months, depending upon the individual babies development (Many parents find they are able to use the Sleeper for much longer than 7 months)
  • Available in White, Pink and Bue

Safer Baby Cot Divider Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great divider

Posted by Unknown on 6th Nov 2017

Our crib is a little too big for our little on for now and this divider helps her in place. its not very harsh divider. Its just right.

For the twins.

Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2017

I used this for my twins. It allowed me to keep them in the same crib in my room without worrying about them rolling on each other.